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Westminster Dog Show changes

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Hi again,

I just wanted to remind you that the valentine special ends on Feb 14th.  20% off plus free shipping and free engraving on all ID Tags.

I would like to share this article with you as well.  A long time tradition is coming to an end.....

Valentine Special

Happy Valentines to you all.  We are running a 20% off special plus Free Shipping plus Free Engraving on all Pet ID Tags until February 14th in honor of Valentines and to show how much we appreciate our special customers and their furry ones.

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Flea remedies for Cats

Hi Ya'll,Today I found the most interesting article about natural ways to get rid of fleas on cats and learned some things I did not know.  Here in the south they have been especially bad this year and for us Advantage just can't get rid of them all so we are going to try some [...]

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Keeping Cats safe on Thanksgiving

Hi, I ran across this article in Cat Fancy and thought it was a timely piece to share with all you cat lovers to keep kitty safe on Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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10 safety tips for your dog at halloween

This is a list of the top 10 safety tips and considerations for your dog on halloween:

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Modern Dog Magazine Photo Contest

With this being the week of Halloween and so many people dress up the dogs, it is a great time to enter your dogs photo at Modern Dog Magazine with a chance to win Dog of the week.Enter your dog and vote for your favourites. Every week, the dog with the most votes will be [...]

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Why are Black Cats Unlucky

I picked this story up today from Pet Product News today.  How sad.  I have had my share of black cats and they have all been lovely with a sweet loving attitude.Why Black Cats Are UnluckyHalloween revelers are on the hunt for black cats, according to a disturbing story in today's New York Post.The newspaper [...]

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Cat Food for real cats

In an attempt to try to get some more useful information about cat food....(I have an overweight Maine Coon), I found this great blog on written by Dr. Jennifer Coates.  Petmd is full of useful information about cats and dogs.

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What Size Collar do I need for my pet?

Hello to all my loyal cat and dog lovers.  Even though Here Kitty Kitty has been online 20 years, we have never had a blog and today we start our first one!  I thought it would be good to start with a question I have been asked thousands of times......and really should have been asked [...]

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