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What Size Collar do I need for my pet?

Posted by Karen Albertson on

Hello to all my loyal cat and dog lovers.  Even though Here Kitty Kitty has been online 20 years, we have never had a blog and today we start our first one!  I thought it would be good to start with a question I have been asked thousands of times......and really should have been asked more because of the exchanges for wrong sizing.....what size collar do I need for my pet. The only answer is to MEASURE.  All collar companies are different.  There is no industry standard on sizing like there is for say ladies shoes.  There is no small, medium and large.  If you do not have a loose tape measure, I know you have a yardstick and a string.  If you will wrap the measure around your pet's neck with your 2 fingers inside the measure, that should give you an accurate neck size.

Another thing to consider is that say for instance you get a 10 inch measurement for your pet's do not want to order a size 10 inch collar.  We work very hard to make sure you understand the adjustments on our collars.  A 10 inch collar will fit a neck size of 6-8 inches meaning the collar is 10 inches end to end the the tightest hole is at 6 and the very last hole is at 8.  That is just the way our particular company makes them.  Other collar companies have have the hole adjustment for the same size collar.  So when ordering if you will pay attention to the adjustment rather than the size, we can get a proper fit the first time.  We are always here to help so if you have any questions about measuring, please email or call us and we'll walk you thru it.