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Designer Cat ID Tags-Dog ID Tags

Engraved Pet ID Tags are made by us in our studio at Here kitty kitty.  Most ID Tags can ship within 24 hours of order.  Engraved dog Tags and Cat ID Tags engraved beautifully on solid brass with a polished chrome overlay in the solid silver and gold colors.  Painted Pet ID Tags are beautifully painted on the front and your pet's vital information is engraved on the back.  Available styles and sizes to fit any pet. Tiny id tags for cats or kittens or teacup dogs and large pet tags for large breed dogs.  Engraving is always free.


  • 90% of all pets that wear id tags are returned home safely
  • ID Tags are functional and need to contain the most important information to get your pet home safe....but that does not mean they can't be stylish too!