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Why are Black Cats Unlucky

Posted by New York Post on

I picked this story up today from Pet Product News today.  How sad.  I have had my share of black cats and they have all been lovely with a sweet loving attitude.

Why Black Cats Are Unlucky

Halloween revelers are on the hunt for black cats, according to a disturbing story in today's New York Post.


The newspaper reports that animal shelters have been receiving a flood of requests to adopt black cats from people who want to use them as props at Halloween parties.

One shelter reports more than a dozen requests for black cats. Requests ranged from someone who was going to dress as a witch and wanted to carry the black cat with her to another who was heading to a party dressed as a spider and wanted the cat trapped in the web. Some requests simply asked to borrow cats for the night.

Black cats have been associated with witchcraft and the occult for centuries. But it turned ugly in recent years when there was a spate of mutilations of black cats around Halloween 2009 in San Antonio. As a precaution some shelters are now putting a moratorium on adoptions of black cats for the month of October.